About Moola

Moola offer every individual with a motor vehicle including cars, vans and trucks the opportunity to install a discreet projector which will activate digital advertising on the side windows of your vehicle discreetly.

When your are is switched off so is the advertising so no ugly stickers, but every time you make a journey will be paid to optimal amount available for the area you are driving in through our pricing market place for advertisers.

Obviously you will be paid more driver through the mean streets of New York at 8pm on a Saturday night than through the alps on back streets on a Tuesday afternoon.

Our technology though enables us to charge advertisers an optimal price based on the level of targetted messaging. And we have added a nice feature whereby you can disable advertising if visiting friends and you do not want to roll up at a party with your side windows advertising Coca Cola!

Everyone With a Vechile

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and you can start earning. Whether you are a fleet operator or a single car owner please contact us and we will arrange all the logistics within 7 days and you will be earning.

  • Complete the form (2 minutes)
  • Schedule Installation
  • Load your bank details into your portal and you get paid every month you use your car

We provide analytics data regarding how much you were paid for each journey which will be a combination of a number of factors including distance of journey, population density of areas travelled and time of day.


We work directly with advertising agencies and via aggregators for digital adverts. We operate projection technology which will clearly and visibly display your message on the sides of vehicles under almost all weather conditions.

We cannot guarantee it will work in a blizzard!

We offer our advertisers or our partners (i.e. JC Deceaux or Clearchannel) and easy to use platform to place your message exactly where it will have the highest impact so anyone from local restaurants to huge multi nationals can benefit from super targetted advertising via GPS technology embedded within our hardware.

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